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Life is in front of you not behind you.

I specialize in relationship and separation anxiety coaching. It is my intention to be your partner in moving towards the life you most honestly want, personally and professionally.

Why Separation Recovery?

When I was 8 months pregnant with my second child, I was preparing divorce paper. Thousands of emotions surrounded my broken heart. The situation was giving to me, not against me. This inspired me to start my company, Ocean Soul Life Coaching. My passion is to help others.


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Doris Garrett M.C.L.C

Certified Professional Master Life Coach
Separation Recovery, Personal Development


“When my mother passed I thought I had unresolved issues. Doris sat me down on many occasions and opened me up to the world of release and forgive. I feel so much better because I realize we really did not have issues. I am so grateful to have Doris to help guide and support me during my ups and downs.” – Anonymous Client

soon to be ex-wife cookbook

Soon to be Ex-Wife Cookbook

This Cookbook is for the good-hearted, wonderful, independent woman with a great sense of humor. A mix of healthy and crazy recipes, with cat food, dog treats and fish flakes.

This book includes wisdom, uplifting words, tips and tricks. 

“Never make fun of your wife’s choices, you are one of them.” -unknown


“I was briefly introduced to Doris after one of her presentations. Just those few moments talking with her inspired me to go home and forgive a very hurtful non-friend; not because she deserved it, but because I needed to release the pain in order to have peace. It’s was not easy to continue the feeling of forgiveness, which is why Doris is on retainer as my life coach.  Thank you, Doris!” – Anonymous Client

The Butterfly Book

The Butterfly Book

Everybody can see a butterfly, his beautiful look, But only a few know what’s in his mind, and can write a book.

Let yourself go through these stories, Without care and no worries.

5 stories in English and German; Available at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and 180 book stores around the world.


Doris made me realize how important it was to work on myself versus trying to change my significant other. I was so impressed by the results that she is literally my Life Coach for Life!” – Anonymous Client

How Ocean Soul Life Coaching can help…


Doris has helped me to unload a lot of unnecessary baggage that had overwhelmed my life and now my heart feels so much lighter which gives it room to love unconditionally. Thank you, Doris. You are an Angel.” – Anonymous Client

A session can change your entire perspective.

My work with you is highly confidential. You can speak freely about private matters to me. A face-to-face meeting at a location that works for both of us is the most beneficial. We can also have a session over the phone or via Skype.