I was born and raised in a small Alpine Village in Austria.

My passion helping others started when I was a little girl.


I have worked as a skiing instructor, a snowboard instructor, a flower designer, a fashion model, and an office manager. I have the experience of working with different people and different personalities in all walks of life. 


Since 2002 I have been living in California and I have two wonderful daughters from my first marriage.


I am passionate about my family, and nature. I love to travel and enjoy occasionally visiting elementary schools to tell stories to the children. 


Through life’s challenges and working with a variety of people with different personalities, I started to get inspired to help others. My personal growth included seminars. There I engaged with other professionals to acquire a diverse set of tools to more effectively assist my clients in dealing with emotions.


I have proudly attained my Life Coach and Master Life Coach Certification     and am extremely excited and can’t wait to be part of your growth.