A session is 60 minutes.

My work with you is highly confidential.

You can speak freely about private matters to me.

A face-to-face meeting at a location that works for both of us is the most beneficial.

We can also have a session over the phone or via Skype.

Since I am a native German speaker, the sessions are also available in German.


My professional fees are as follows:

A 60-minute in-person session for 1 person is $80

A 60-minute in-person session for 2 people is $35 per person

A 60-minute in-person session for 3 people and up is $25 per person

Phone sessions are $60 for 60 minutes for one person.


I am looking forward to meeting you. It is my most sincere desire that my coaching will assist you in achieving your goals.

Best regards,